Marble has been the very first material used by SICIS. The SICIS One Marble collection goes from classic and traditional designs to more modern patterns. Imported from Italy, these natural stone mosaic tiles will bring beauty to your kitchen backsplash, or create stunning natural stone flooring for your home or office. With great care, SICIS has designed a stone tile palette of colors and patterns. You are now only limited by your imagination.

Marble and Stone slabs are waterjet cut to create the mosaic patterns that will be placed by hand by SICIS mosaic masters in Italy. Use marble tile to create a noble and refined mood of elegance. And stone tiles of white or cream will always be chic, patterns are becoming hugely popular environmental design.

SICIS is well-known for reinventing the art of mosaics. Whatever your desire in mosaic tile, choose the outstanding artistry and enduring quality of SICIS.