SICIS NeoGlass Mosaic Tiles of glass and stone are hand-laid into elegant and creative mosaic patterns by master artisans. Exciting plays of light sparkle from the golds and metallics. Shimmering effects offset by the traditional transparent iridescent glass contrasts with natural marble. NeoGlass Mosaic tiles are resistant to time and wear. This tile is uniquely appropriate for high-traffic floors but equally beautiful on wall applications. NeoGlass is an excellent choice for your next mosaic tile project, great for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom
floors, walls, shower, swimming pool, and spa.

The Neoglass Collection by SICIS features beautiful glass mosaics available in a variety of colors and three different shapes: cube (square ), barrel (round) and dome (oval). Rich with colors, patterns, and shapes, the incredible Neoglass mosaic will transform any space into a paradise.