SICIS Murano Smalto mosaic glass tile is genuine and authentic. The Smalto Glass collection is appreciated not only for its beauty but also for its artistic value. Commonly found poolside or as a black splash in a high-end kitchen remodel, SICIS Murano Smalto glass mosaics are a highly sought after design upgrade.

SICIS Murano Smalto tile is an extraordinary example of classical Italian glassmaking meeting 21st-century design. Composed of silica, soda, lime, and potassium, this series was among the first developed by SICIS. The Murano Smalto collection lets you draw from the rich color pallet of the ancient artisan glassmakers and transform any modern environment with gorgeous color tile. Many of these methods were developed centuries ago, in the Middle Ages, and have changed little since then. This intricate process of glass-making results in delightfully unique creations and the Murano Smalto glass mosaics are no exception. With their vibrant coloring, beautiful patterns, and wondrous shapes the mosaics from this series have been commonly referred to as “works of art.”

Murano Smalto glass mosaics are mesh mounted for easy installation. This collection is a fundamental element of indoor design that can seemingly lighten the weight of the walls with its allure and beauty. The natural variations that occur within each color segment gives these beautiful mosaics a characteristic that can only be fully appreciated when viewing in full applications.