SICIS prides itself on creativity, style, technology, and Avante Garde products. The most established and well-known designers of glass and marble mosaics in the world now bring you the collection of Metallismo stainless steel tile. The steel tiles are an exciting mix of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

There is nothing conventional about this collection of metal tile and mosaics. Consider the luminous steel molded into an inspiring blend of different shapes, sizes, and finishes. Metallisimo makes a bold statement and pushes the limits of modern home decor and interior design.
Use Metallismo stainless steel tile as a component in retro, elemental, monochromatic, and industrial design themes. Incorporate metal mosaics for hip and modern treatments that look fantastic with the latest in kitchen appliances.

The striking and powerful Metallisimo Collection is electric, reflective, and exciting. The daringly sleek style that SICIS presents in Metallismo is not for timid.