SICIS produces their Glimmer Collection mosaic tile by treating beautiful translucent colored glass tile with premium metal oxides. An extraordinary glass mosaic is the result, and reflecting light falls both on and through the tile. The collection will mesmerize you with changing, contrasting effects. The variation of color, slight surface texture, and size is the intent of SICIS in creating this magnificent iridescent glass.

Seductive refections will catch your eye. A mother-of-pearl effect on a transparent base will captivate you. The essential nature of Glimmer Glass Mosaic by SICIS is iridescence. A mosaic surface with these characteristics is reminiscent of a stretch of water. The tile mimics a liquid play of rainbow-like colors, which change with the light and the direction of your glance.

Transfer this magical inconstancy of light and transparency onto the walls of buildings. It brings an unexpected aspect to a solid material. With Glimmer, the concept of a surface is not two-dimensional. The Glimmer Collection is a means of changing the perception of a structure.