With reflections of style, taste, and creativity, Petra is a luxury Italian brand that performs their artistry in natural stones. The company produces premium, hand-made, high-quality stone tiles. The premium tiles are born through a process consisting of study, graphic design, and the craftsmanship, performed by professionals with years of experience in the sector.

Petra is passionate about their technical and artistic advancement of stone crafting. Owing to their commitment to evolving and the diversification of their product portfolio, they are proven as one of the leading global manufacturers of prestigious marble and other stone tiles. They are active participants in the top world events and exhibitions. These products provide customers with incredibly fascinating pieces that are perfect in every detail.

Stone offers a timeless look, but this company’s take on the classic tile aesthetic delivers refreshing visual details. Thanks to the class and unmistakable style of its products, the artistry of the Petra collections are highly prized. Their name is synonymous with the quality of fine Italian craftsmanship.

Petra, a Northern Italian tile company that is distinguished by their new and elegant artistic tile lines.